Ugh I spent so much money today on EVERYTHING I DIDN’T NEED. Not in this photo are two belated Christmas presents for my mama and nitori-kun~ Excluding my beautiful model Totoro the haul includes four face masks discovered at rather reasonable prices at a new Asian make-up store along George St. in the city (all of mine are face brightening/whitening aha), a canvas wallet not including the pins (a’so a belated gift from nitori-kun), THE CUUUUUTEST KITTY COIN PURSE I’VE EVER SEEN, a much needed wide-brimmed summer hat and two PASH! magazines, one of which was previously ordered, the other I wish I’d never seen because it was expensive (though I’m happy I got it anyway. ALL THE FREE! MERCHANDISE). 

For anyone who gets the chance, I’d recommend getting the thicker PASH! magazine (the first one) in the photo, just because if you haven’t had the opportunity to buy any/many of the magazines/TV Guides/art books with Free! in them till now, it seems to be a collection of the best panels and posters from all the PASH! issues. 

Siiiiigh now if only I was able to buy them at the standard Japanese prices.